Adult Testimonies

We hope you are encouraged by the life changing personal testimonies that have resulted through the Spiritual Care Consultants process.  You too can experience hope and healing!

Heather’s Story

Jake’s Story

Jon’s Story

Desiree’s Story

Kristin’s Story

Babbette’s Testimony

Through SCC received healing from rejection by biological mother after finding out that her mother tried to abort her 5 times. She was also able to receive God’s love as her heavenly Father.

Mary’s Testimony

Listen to what this licensed psychotherapist and social worker says about Spiritual Care Consultants and how they are different to general counseling places. (also see Part 2 below)

Military Vet’s Story of Healing

After seen 17 counselors, taking 13 psychotropic drugs, seen 2 psychologists and dealing with fear and anxiety for two decades he was able to finally receive healing and peace through SCC. 

Jim’s Story

Jim used to struggle with health issues and anxiety until he came to see SCC. 

Ryan’s Testimony

Ryan overcame his struggles with depression and anxiety.  

Paula’s Testimony

Paula received healing through SCC from unforgiveness towards her father.

Mary’s Testimony – Part 2

Listen to what this licensed psychotherapist and social worker says about Spiritual Care Consultants and how they are different to general counseling places. (also see Part 1 above)

Brian Roarks’ Story

Brian was a successful CEO and had to realize that he was a workaholic for 45 years of his life. He got set free after going through the SCC process. 

Sophia’s Story

Sophia got set free from alcoholism and drugs and the SCC process helped her to get healing from her past.  

Dan’s Story

Former superintendent of Hastings Public Schools shares how SCC has been a great support to their school system.

Michelle’s Story

SCC helped Michelle receive healing from sexual, physical, verbal, and emotional childhood abuse. 

Tracy’s Story

Tracy appreciates the tools she received from SCC in how to deal with her granddaughter’s difficult behavior. 

Mindy’s Story

Mindy shares how she discovered a new found relationship to God the Father and received healing from pain of the past. 

Beth’s Story

Beth, mom of two boys, shares how SCC helped her reconnect her relationship with God after going through divorce. 

Pastor Gerald’s Story

Pastor Gerald shares about how he learnt about SCC and how the process has helped him in receiving healing for himself. 

Darlene’s Story

Darlene, foster-mom of 8, shares about receiving help for her six-year old foster son Thomas, who struggled with violent behavior.

Landon Wilkes – Dean of Students

Dean of Students of Maple Valley Schools District shares about how importan the liason between SCC and the students is for their school.

Amanda’s Story

Amanda received healing from anger and bitterness through SCC.

Kimberly’s Story

Kimberly shares how SCC helped her son receive care to strengthen his self-confidence and self-worth.

Heidi & Ali’s Story

SCC helped to guide this mom and daughter in healing and building up relationships in their split family.

April – Principal of Dalton-Kellog MS

Principal April from Delton Kellogg Schools shares about her experiences with having SCC work in her school building. 

Carol’s Story

Carol’s son received help to deal with emotional struggles in his life.

Amanda’s Story

Amanda started her journey to healing through the services of SCC.

Lauren’s Story

Lauren shares about how SCC helped her to get set free from panic attacks.

Larry’s Story

Larry, former board member and faithful donor of SCC shares about why he supports SCC.

Randy’s Story

Randy shares how he got set free from guilt and anxiety and night mares after going through the SCC process.

Ellen’s Story

Ellen received healing from abuse and unforgiveness through SCC.

Rachel’s Story

Rachael was struggling to care for her daughter born with Spina Bifida, she learned to put things on God’s hook and use truth statements to find hope in mothering her child.

Jeremiah’s  Story

He struggled with voices and hallucinations since he was young but received healing by learning to use the SCC tools to combat them.

Brooks Story of Recovery

Both she and her children received healing and forgiveness from deep betrayal and breakup of the family.

Amy’s Story of Hope and Healing

After many attempts with counselors and programs, her teenage boy finally got set free from struggles with school and social situations.

Chuck’s Story

Heard about SCC through the radio station “The River” at 1am in the morning.

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